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Evaluation & Consult

$40/ 30mins

Evaluation and Consultation Canine/Feline

Trish will come to your home to discuss any mobility issues your companion animal may be having. Trish will perform a mini treatment on your pet and help to create a treatment plan for your companion animal.


$45/ 45mins

Complete Feline
BodyWork Session

Feline massage therapy treatment in your home within ten miles of downtown Sebastopol. For distances further, please book travel. Session may include: Swedish massage, Gua Sha, Reiki, ANMR, Craniosacral Therapy, and/or Kinesiology taping.

Newbie Canine Package

$140/ 1h 45m

Evaluation and Consultation Canine/Feline

This package is great for easing into massage. Three full massage visits paid in advance with a 15% discount. Please book one date with this button and then use the "Newbie Day Two" and "Newbie Day Three" buttons to book your subsequent appointments.


How to prepare for my visit

Before I Arrive

Please refrain from feeding your animal companion a large meal in the hour prior to your appointment. A short walk for relaxation and elimination shortly before your appointment is encouraged. I require a clear space on the floor in which to work. Cats and small dogs may prefer a tabletop or a sofa. Somewhere away from household action is preferred. A shady spot in the backyard can be a great alternative.

Our First Visit

Your first visit will include a few minutes of paperwork and some discussion about your companion animal and his/her needs. We will discuss your goals for the session and any obvious pain points. I will watch your dog walk and move so that I can evaluate his/her gait and look for obvious trouble spots. It is often easier for the animal and I to work one on one so you will be able to go about your daily business once the massage treatments begin.

Understanding Pet Massage

Massage happens at the animal’s direction and will not be pushed or forced. I will intuitively allow your pet to guide me in which modalities are necessary and welcome. Sometimes, a pet will walk away, have a sip of water, and return. It is important to understand that a pet massage is very different than a human massage and there is no classic formula. Each visit will be different. Each session will last between thirty and sixty minutes, and is entirely dependant on the animal receiving treatment.

Care Instructions and Follow Up

At the end of our session, I’ll let you know how it went. I may show you some stretches that will benefit your dog in between sessions. I may give you instructions for care of any Kinesiology taping I have done. We can discuss any future treatment plan at this time. After I’ve answered your questions, I’ll wash my hands and go. You may book future appointments in person before I leave or schedule online at a later date.