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Who is animal companion
massage for?

It’s for everyone, dog athletes, working dogs, senior and aging pets, pets recovering from injury, stressed pets and pets with low energy or kidney function. It’s for pets who are loved and for humans who are seeking to enhance their pets comfort and wellbeing.

The body of evidence suggesting that incorporating holistic modalities in a pet’s treatment plan leads to better health is starting to grow.
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Taking a holistic approach to wellness, including physical, behavioral and energetic issues.

Bringing peace and balance to the life of your companion animal.


Enhancing Wellbeing

Treatments are intended to help animals enhance wellness and help  heal themselves.

Should be in tandem with veterinary care. 


Massage Therapist

Trained in acupressure, Reiki, aroma therapy, Swedish deep tissue, Shiatsu, trigger point treatment, myofascial release,  kinesiology taping, and neuro-myofascial release.


Multi-Modality Therapy

Multimodality treatment focuses on slowing the disease progression and improving your animal companion’s quality of life through use of a variety of massage techniques. 


The Benefits of Massage

Increases Flexibility

Increased flexibility and range of motion, which leads to fewer injuries. Can relieve some of the discomforts of aging. Helps stimulate the lymphatic systems to remove toxins and reduce edema Promotes advancement of healing through increased flow of nutrients to injured muscles.

Relieves Pain & Soreness

Loosens and softens scar tissues. Lengthens connective tissue, which reduces formations of adhesions leading to fibrosis. Can relieve pain from arthritis, dysplasia, and other chronic muscular problems. Relieves muscle tension, pain, and spasms.

Relieves Pain & Soreness

Can help to reduce muscle atrophy from inactivity. Helps working and athletic dogs stay in peak condition Enhances mental alertness and improves emotional well-being. Improves digestion and coat condition through improved circulation Helps to identify changes in your pet’s body.